For any information on the Pickwick Pool Team or SLKPA contact
Paul Gafa: 07443 456662 or paul_gafa@btinternet.com
The Pickwick run two teams, the main team and a feeder team, The Academicals.
Both play under the umbrella of the Pickwick.

Latest news

12/03/20: The Academicals were in action in a bit of extra league curricular activity with a Play Off match against Sea The Angles at Eltham Terrace to decide who would play in the First Division in 2020-21. The Accies were favourites coming from the higher division but knew it would be no picnic if we weren't at it. And so it proved as the frames became scrappy affairs, with the opponents from Division Two making life difficult and then performing a break and dish in the final frame of the first set as we trailed 3-2 down. In the next set the Accies began to take our chances using pool knowledge to get our noses in front. Thomo won an important frame 10 to give us a 2 frame advantage, before Shane completed a successful season and his hat trick. That left Louis to put the Play Off to bed and ensure the Academicals stay up with an 8-5 victory. It's likely that the Academicals will be breaking away from the Pickwick from the summer 2020 season onwards and we wish them well.

The Pickwick PH

The Pickwick Public House now closed, rumored to be converted to flats with some licenced premises situated within.
The Pickwick's home venue is now Blackheath Newbridge Social Club.

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